In this post, I’d like to share the resources that I often use. Most of them are well know but I thought maybe your favorite resource is not listed below, then ShareIT, I will appreciate IT.

Let me share my resources

  1. Oreilly Books: Definitely it’s my favorite resource if I tend to learn something new extensively. You can subscribe online and access all resources not only books but also videos!. If you are a student you do not need even to pay simply high-quality resources FREE!
  2. Corresponding Tool Docs: To be honest this is the first place where should take a look if you start to learn/practice a new technology. However, there are some tools that have really poor documentation.
  3. GitHub Repos: Most open source tools have great where you may start quickly. Simply go check out and deep into examples. In case you face a problem, check the issues as well. In many cases, this problem is already known and you may see already the solution or way of how to handle it.
  4. Twitter: Yeah definitely, just follow people or communities on there, you will be up2date and there are lots of constructive shares, discussion, views as well as announces.
  5. HackerNews: I really like to spend a bit of time here, where you also see many informative shares and discussions.
  6. High Scalability: Another resource reach blogs and mostly about infrastructure/cloud. But definitely lots of valuable articles.
  7. Youtube: I have to admit that I use youtube also really often. It is simply an online university where you reach out to MIT, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and many other top universities CS courses free.
  8. Medium: I like to read medium blogs as well but mostly you have to pay, which I definitely don’t like! In my opinion, if you write a blog on the internet it must be free. Detailed discussion no need here.
  9. Personal Blogs: Some content creators use their own blogs to share their articles. This depends on your interest and you have to find it accordingly.
  10. Mailing List: The developer mailing list is also one of the resources that when I tackle a specific issue.
  11. StackOverflow/Reddit: No need to say, I don’t think there is an engineer(Software) who doesn’t use at least one of them.

Beyond question, there are many more resources out there. Above I shared my favorite resources where I spent the most time.

If you have some different resources which you labeled absolutely useful, please share as a comment.

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